Getting ready for spring


(Also an older story I wrote that was published in Die Matie)

It feels just like yesterday that winter started creeping into our homes, but slowly but surely spring is on its way.  Although it is still chilly at night, we have been blessed with a few days with warmer temperatures.

Spring is also a time for change and with the change in seasons it might just be a good idea to make a few changes to yourself.

How to embrace the changing weather:

Overall – stop and enjoy the view. We are blessed with amazing mountains and trees so take some time to watch the sunrise or watch it set.  Take a road trip with your friends to nearby wine farms, markets and even the beach.  Embrace the changing seasons.

Getting your body ready for spring:

  • Warmer weather means no more boots and sneakers. Get your feet ready for spring by making sure they are flip flop ready (and guys this applies to you too).  Make sure your toenails are short and neat and that your heels are in top shape.
  • If you like to paint your toenails, opt for a bright or vibrant colour to celebrate the change in weather.
  • Dry brushing is an amazing way to increase circulation and to get rid of dead skin cells. Do it once a day before showering and you will see and feel the difference within days. It also reduces cellulite.
  • Your skin can also benefit from using a good exfoliator. You can either buy a scrub or make one at home.  There are tons of easy recipes online.
  • Don’t stress about not being tan, only a few lucky people are going to look like they just came from the beach. Don’t harm your skin by going to extreme measures to get a summer tan, rather use natural self-tan.
  • Wear sunscreen every day to prevent damage to your skin.
  • Treat yourself to a haircut and get rid of the split ends. Winter usually leaves your hair dry and a haircut will bring new life to your hair.
  • Most of us are guilty about neglecting our bodies over the winter, especially in terms of not shaving or not exercising. Try to revamp your exercise routine, even if you just go for a walk or run everyday.

Getting your home ready for spring:

  • Take a day to clean your room, flat or house. And with clean I mean really clean everywhere, in the cupboards, in the fridge, underneath your bed, everywhere.  It is important to get rid of all the dust and hair and dirt that might be collecting in the corners of your living space.
  • Open the curtains or blinds more often to let some natural light into your living space.
  • If you have some extra money to spend, add more colour and life to your living space by adding some colourful scatter cushions or throws. Bright colours can lift your mood and get you out of your winter rut.
  • Sort out your cupboard by starting to pack away all the winter clothes you know you won’t be wearing that often anymore. Also throw out the clothes you know you don’t fit into anymore or take them to a thrift shop.

Trends for spring:

  • The top trends we are seeing for spring 2015 include fringes from the fall 2014 boho-trend. The fringes range from on jackets, skirts, shoes and handbags.
  • Although the temperatures are rising, the ponchos are still here to stay. So wrap it up when the nights are still a bit cold.
  • All over red has also made an appearance in the streets so don’t be scared to embrace this vivid colour.
  • The next trend might not be for everyone, but the shirtdress is apparently a thing now. This is a helpful trend if you want to wear a dress, but don’t like showing too much skin.
  • The track star or ‘sport lux’ trend still hasn’t left or midst, which is good news if you like wearing your comfy sneakers and ‘tekkies’ to class.

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    This is an older story I wrote that was published in Die Matie.


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